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Welcome to our debut episode: “January: New Year’s (Ir)Resolutions”! (1/20/20)

Sleepless in Los Angeles is a monthly hour-long almanac of modern living. When you’re done fretting over the news, grab a cup of something and join us for something lighter, if possibly fattier. Sandra’s January guests include: Henry Alford, Julia Sweeney, Caitlin Flanagan, Janet Fitch, and Amit Thakkar, with a cameo from Dame Caroline Aaron. (To play, hop to the menu above and click on Podcasts, then Episode One: January.)

Produced by Sandra, with help from Anny Celsi
Site Art by Madeline Miller (copyright 2020)
Episode 1 Gallery: “Behind the Mic”
Humorist Henry Alford in his terribly quaint West Village apartment (with media-ready feline Dottie)
Comedienne Julia Sweeney is being attacked with fried chicken and cheeses
Janet Fitch’s New Year’s tarot reading: “What’s in store for the U.S. in 2020?” (Sandra’s PS: pairs well with Tylenol PM)
Writer Caitlin Flanagan and Sandra are enjoying some gentle post-holiday backlighting
Dame Caroline Aaron at the Golden Globes, wishing she were across town working on some mid-list book writer’s free podcast

It’s my brand new podcast “soft-launching” on 1/20/20 BLUE MONDAY

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