Episode Four: Life in Times of Coronavirus Part 2– Caitlin Flanagan

“Caitlin Flanagan Life-Hacks Her Toilet Paper Problem” “The lightheartedness that comes from panic.” Caitlin Flanagan Skypes in to update us on how things are going in her household during Week One (or so) in the apocalypse. The good news: Caitlin’s fears no longer include running out of toilet paper. Scary phrases that do remain, whenContinue reading “Episode Four: Life in Times of Coronavirus Part 2– Caitlin Flanagan”

Episode Three: March

“The Loh Life: Emergency Coronavirus Podcast” Apocalypse Now. Oh my God. Our formerly-planned festive March podcast (“The Party Edition!”) is postponed until April at least. To try to process this pandemic sh*tstorm in real time (with apologies for news that will change every four hours and some imperfect editing/sound), we give you a special episodeContinue reading “Episode Three: March”

Episode Two: February

“Valentine’s Day/Relationships” In which Valentine’s Day is considered, rejected, and. . . well, rejected in favor of a stiff drink. Topics include tasty snack foods (Peachables? Nubbins?), the healing powers of passive in relationships, the secrets of a 30-year marriage (a dog), and Democrats on sugar cleanses eating hummus so violently it splatters against theContinue reading “Episode Two: February”

Episode One: January

“New Year’s (Ir)Resolutions” In which New Year’s Resolutions are considered, rejected, and sometimes? In a Los Angeles Zen way? Both. Topics include Felicity Huffman, the Tarot, the curse of automated sinks, our fantasy death row last meals (Potatoes Romanoff?). Classic jingles by our sponsors: Altadena Goddess Wear, Peachables, the Fresno Tourist Board–visit them here https://sleeplessinlosangeles.com/2020/01/19/musical-notes-from-our-sponsors/Continue reading “Episode One: January”