Episode Three: March

“The Loh Life: Emergency Coronavirus Podcast”

Apocalypse Now. Oh my God. Our formerly-planned festive March podcast (“The Party Edition!”) is postponed until April at least. To try to process this pandemic sh*tstorm in real time (with apologies for news that will change every four hours and some imperfect editing/sound), we give you a special episode of The Loh Life: Emergency Coronavirus Edition. Aside from toilet paper, wipes, and some sort of imaginary retirement fund you wisely put into gold–and stored in a coin jar–you could use an emergency therapy session. But your already germ-phobic therapist has fled the country (to where?). So in 18 minutes (the length of a TED Talk, if not steeped in the same enlightened wisdom), Sandra takes you through (at least a first draft, in this bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie-like news cycle) the five Kubler-Ross stages of Pandemic Grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance).

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