Episode Two: February

“Valentine’s Day/Relationships”

Plus a third pet in the middle makes three?

In which Valentine’s Day is considered, rejected, and. . . well, rejected in favor of a stiff drink. Topics include tasty snack foods (Peachables? Nubbins?), the healing powers of passive in relationships, the secrets of a 30-year marriage (a dog), and Democrats on sugar cleanses eating hummus so violently it splatters against the wall. New jingles by our sponsors: Nubbins, Zen Pop (by Glendale Holistic Personal Solutions). Those will shortly be visitable here https://sleeplessinlosangeles.com/2020/01/19/musical-notes-from-our-sponsors/

February guests (in order of appearance): Henry Alford, Dan Jones, Cathi Hanauer, Patty Scanlon, Shannon Holt, Erika Schickel, Caroline Aaron. Also, Frier McCollister.

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