Episode One: January

“New Year’s (Ir)Resolutions”

“New Year’s resolutions? Or just go back to bed?”

In which New Year’s Resolutions are considered, rejected, and sometimes? In a Los Angeles Zen way? Both. Topics include Felicity Huffman, the Tarot, the curse of automated sinks, our fantasy death row last meals (Potatoes Romanoff?). Classic jingles by our sponsors: Altadena Goddess Wear, Peachables, the Fresno Tourist Board–visit them here https://sleeplessinlosangeles.com/2020/01/19/musical-notes-from-our-sponsors/

January guests (in order of appearance): Henry Alford, Julia Sweeney, Caitlin Flanagan, Janet Fitch, Amit Thakkar. Cameo by Dame Caroline Aaron. Also, Frier McCollister.

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