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Sleepless in Los Angeles is a monthly hour-long almanac of modern living. When you’re done fretting over the news, grab a cup of something and join us for something lighter, if possibly fattier. Except nowadays, when the world has gone to hell, known as “Life in Times of Coronavirus.” (To play, hop to the menu above and click on Podcasts to listen.)

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Caitlin Flanagan Life-Hacks the Pandemic

When it comes to toilet paper replenishments, dreams really do come true. Grab some Trader Joe’s “Joe Joe’s” and gather round the virtual camp fire with Caitlin Flanagan.

Never Did You Need Therapy More!

But your therapist has fled the country. Take 18 minutes with Sandra (and apparently, you have nothing BUT time now!) and go through a first draft of our Kubler-Ross stages (which Spellcheck keeps “correcting” to “Kugler-Ross stages”–hidden wisdom?)

Below are pleasant memories of February, before the world turned to. . . @#$@#!

Modern Love’s Dan Jones and his Bitch in the House Cathi Hanauer relax at home with their extremely contented dog Rico (Photo thanks to the generosity of Kevin Gutting from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, for more visit:
Glamorous Caroline Aaron (right) with Billy Porter (left) on “the asphalt carpet” (before the red carpet) to the Critic’s Choice Awards. Note COMPLETE ABSENCE of Comey Candy backfat!
Reclusive cult thespian star Patty Scanlon is caught in a rare snapshot by Russian bots in the greater Pasadena/Altadena area

Erika Schickel awaits her gin martini at–where else?–Musso and Frank’s

Shannon Holt at ease in a completely casual moment–with a proper beverage in hand, she loves the little people

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